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Patrycja Kubiczek

It's hard to describe how happy I am that I've decided to become a stylist - this is my passion. As a child, I loved creating ornaments on my nails. A sweet polka dots, tiny flowers - every day I had a different idea. Deep in my soul, I have always known  that nail-art world will take over my life and that's exactly what happened. When I finished college I couldn't stand the thought of spending my days in front of a computer. I wanted to develop my creativity so I signed up for my first nail art workshop in 2003, then I just kept  going until I received an Instructor license. In 2011 I've started my cooperation with Indigo company.

I feel wonderful as an Instructor. I conduct workshops and training sessions across the Australia and New Zeland. I love the atmosphere of meeting with my students. I train people on various levels and in different techniques. Personally, I don't have my favourite technique but an acrylic method is the closest to my heart. I love to experiment and combine different techniques. I always try to show to my students how incredible is the world of nail art and that it gives you unlimited creative possibilities .

I have trained many people in my career ant the number is growing with every single day. I am proud that others can raise their qualifications thanks to me. I demand a lot of from myself and want to keep improving my skills and knowledge . I took part in many many championships and judged in a few. I hope it's not the end of my accomplishments. My plan for future is making my trophies collection bigger. 


  • Ist place at South Australia Championships in category Open Nail Art Mix Media 2011
  • Ist place at South Australia Championships in category Open Acrylic Nails 2011
  • IInd place in Australian Hair & Beauty SA Championships in category  Open Flat Nail Art 2010
  • IInd place at Australian Hair & Beauty SA Championships in category Open tips and sculptured nails 2010
  • IInd place at Australian Global Nail Design Awards in category  Fantasy Design 2010
  • IInd place at  Fantasmagorie Championship of Poland in category Business French 2009


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