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Paint Black and

Sugar Effect Gels

34 PLN / 8 ml

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34 PLN / 8 ml

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Paint Gel and Sugar Effect are nail art gels that come in a black and snow white colours. They have a honey consistency and create a dispersive layer. They are perfect for sprinkling with acrylic powders and for ombre. Available in a jar.

Sugar Effect Gel - perfect white

Sugar Effect is a perfect white nail art gel which in combination with colour acrylic powders creates a unique looking candy effect. Extremely sweet and delicious nail art will draw attention to your nails. The gel is easy to work with - it doesn't spill so you can paint precise shapes and the smallest details.

This gel is perfect for both ornaments and a whole nail.

A strong dispersive layer helps the acrylic last until client's next visit. Fabulous pallet of Indigo Colour Acrylic powders gives you endless possibilities of ornaments. 

In our offer, you'll find 150 different shades of acrylic powders.

Read on our blog about 7 ways to apply the Sugar Effect gel!

How to make nailart with Sugar Effect gel?

  1. On a prepared and protected top nail apply the Sugar Effect Gel with a thin nail art brush
  2. Create the ornament
  3. Sprinkle Indigo acrylic gel - remember the powder can't be black or contain holographic elements
  4. Cure the design under the lamp

Curing time: 2 min UV: 30 sec LED