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Natalia Niechwiej

I’m a licensed cosmetologist and graduate of the Cracow School of Health Promotion (KWSPZ). My passion for nail art began 10 years ago. I expanded my knowledge and enhanced my skills by working at several top beauty salons in Cracow. Owing to my stubbornness and willing to pursue goals, I decided to concentrate on myself and fulfilling my dreams. I fell in love with Indigo during my first meeting with Paulina Walaszczyk and becoming a member of the Young Team Indigo was like winning the lottery. I have been Indigo instructor since November 2017. My training center is in Cracow.


Dąbska Street 18i/Lu01
31-572 Cracow
tel. 793-952-345
Facebook: Natalia Niechwiej Indigo Educator
Instagram: natalia_niechwiej_indigo