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Natalia Kondraciuk

My adventure with nail art started in 2010. At the beginning, it was a pure curiosity and a hobby. As the time went by I started to enjoy it more and more and wanted to create more advanced designs. Fortunately, I've found a company that made me realise that nail styling is a beautiful and growing profession. I noticed that I could develop a broad spectrum of skills which is something I want in my life.

In 2015 I opened my own nail salon in Warsaw, back then I was only 23 and it was a huge accomplishment that gave me a tonne of satisfaction. I started to take part in lots of training sessions and workshops setting the bar higher and higher. From the very beginning gel method was my favourite and in this technique, I get the best results, but after many training sessions, I grew to love acrylic method. At my nail salon, I usually create salon nails in a number of different techniques.

Working as an Indigo instructor allows me to give my students exactly what I lacked at the beginning of my career - understanding, motivation, and chance to eliminate my mistakes. I always take an individual approach to every student, I think this is really important. I try to give a 100% at every training session and I always try to be as helpful as I can. I love working with people and I think that my personality helps to create a friendly atmosphere at work.

I love to deepen my knowledge and always try to raise the bar higher and higher. I know there are many workshops and training sessions before me to reach perfection. In future, I would like to teach and pass my knowledge to people not only in Poland but in the world.


  • IIIrd place at the Nailympia London 2017 in category Salon Nails - division 1.,
  • IIIrd place at the Nailympia London 2017 in category Gel Tips and Overlay - division 1.,
  • Nailympia London 2017 - Team Trophy for Indigo Team - division 1., 


“Stylizacja Paznokci

Natalia Kondraciuk”
ul. Ząbkowska 18 
03-775 Warszawa
tel. +48 511004830