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NailArt Brushes

Indigo NailArt brushes - comfortable and convenient

Every stylist needs a comfortable and convenient brush for nail art.

We offer a range of slim brushes for precise ornaments Nailart 001, Nailart 002, Nailart 003, Nailart 004 or One Stroke Method I, II, III.

Brushes are made from the highest quality natural or synthetic bristles depending on which method you use.

  • Nailart 001- thin brush with short, natural bristles, perfect for acrylic colours and creating precise short lines. It's priceless for making precise nail art ornaments.
  • Nailart 002- thin brush with short, synthetic bristles, dedicated for gel products. Perfect for precise short lines created in nail art.
  • Nailart 003 - brush with natural and longer bristles, great for acrylic paints. Beautiful, long lines won't be a problem anymore!
  • Nailart 004 - brush with synthetic bristles for creating long lines with gel products. The bristles glide easily on the nail surface and obey the stylists will.