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Brittle nails? Try Indigo serums!

A key to successful, professional hand care is carefully chosen ingredients, which help your skin and nails. The amazing properties of Indigo nail conditioners come from:

  • almond oil - soothes inflammation and strengthens nail plate with E and F vitamin complex,
  • Jojoba oil - regenerates, moisturises and nourishes damaged nails and hands,
  • Argan oil - stimulates nail growth and prevents breaking, regenerates rough skin,
  • nettle extract - strengthens nail plate,
  • Myrrh oil - soothes irritation, regenerates

Neat hands are our trademark!

Neat hands are a trademark of an elegant person! Acrylic, gel or gel polish manicure will look good on neat nails. No one has strong nails that are resistant to damage. Brittle, splitting nails and dry cuticles are everyone's problems. Even though you can't win with genes, you can still make your nails stronger by taking good care of them. With high-quality Indigo nail conditioners, it will be easier than ever before! Treat your hands a professional and exclusive care! Let your nails become your ornament!