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Nail Enhancements

Indigo offers wide choice of subsidiary products - necessary for correct nail stylization.

The quality is the most important because i.e. they prepare nail plate before nail stylization and infill it after finished stylization.

Cleaner is one of the highest quality product which increases adhesion of products to nail plate. Cleaner we apply on natural nails, after matte process and removal of dust but before primer application.

Primer is a strong product that improves adhesion of a gel and acrylic mass to the nail plate. Protects before air pockets and product lifting. In Indigo offer you'll find non-acid primer and acid primer for problematic nail plates.

Cleaner Supershine Effect is dedicated to clean the last layer. It includes cocoo oil - cleanses, polishes and nourishes cuticles.

Don't forget about about nail art! Glue for fake nails, crystals and studs are products useful for every stylist. But if you want to decorate nail with a transfer foil - glue for foil is an absolute base.

Try perfumed, acetone free nail polish remover with castor oil. Thanks to intense fragrance note perfectly reduce unpleasante nail polish remover smell.

Indigo Remover is a liquid to remove gel polish. Completely removes Indigo Gel Polish - without any need of filing the outer layer.

Subsidiary products by Indigo make your work easier and gives 100% of comfort to your client!