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Water Tattoos - especially gold and silver - hit of the summer!

Temporary jewellery is a perfect solution for quick and oryginal body ornaments.

Polish and world celebrities admire it, also Indigo - now it's time for you!

They are perfect for spring and summer parties, an accessory for a beach day or just as everyday stylization.

It's a great idea to highlight nail stylization but also alternative for traditional jewellery.

How to apply a water tattoo?

Try by yourself how easy is to apply this tattoo. Just few steps will make you feel special:

1. Choose a place on your body for your tattoo.

2. Cut gently chosen pattern.

3. Unstick transparent external foil from a tattoo.

4. Put a paper with a tattoo on skin.

5. Use moisted sponge to press a tattoo to skin, damp it and keep the paper for around 30 sec.

6. Gently remove the paper and stun the world with your glow.