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Mineral base

Mineral Base Indigo - a revolution in the nail stylist work!

Indigo mineral bases are a revolutionary product by Indigo which allows you to create an entire manicure in 45 minutes! Did you know that mineral base can be used instead of 3 different products? Mineral manicures by Indigo will replace traditional base coat, colour and top coat.

Mineral base Indigo come in 6 sensual and delicate colour versions. Check out:

  • Mineral Base Sensual Skin
  • Mineral Base Porcelain
  • Mineral Base Natural
  • Mineral Base Blush
  • Mineral Base Wake Up No Make Up - Natural colour enriched with golden shimmer
  • Mineral Base Delikates – Natural colour enriched with silver shimmer

Indigo mineral bases are an absolute hit and discovery of 2019 we've decided to broaden the offer with mineral bases with shimmer. Which one of the 6 versions of mineral bases will enchant your Clients the most - delicate Natural or Blush, pink with a red tone? Check out and fall in love like thousands of other Indigo clients!

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