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Marcelina Dudek

For last 10 years, I have been passing my philosophy of nail art at Euphoria Training Centre to other stylists. Before I had started my adventure with nail art, I was a client myself. A very demanding client, that was hard to please. I was always wondering if the design could've been made better or in more precise way, that is why I decided to try myself. I finished many courses and trained at home. At the beginning, I trained gel manicure but soon I fell in love with the acrylic method. In 2007, I decided to take part in first Championships. No sooner had I received an Instructor certificate I joined Indigo Team. Since then, I dedicated myself to my passion.

I greet every client with a smile, patiently explain things and I am demanding to my students, this is what our training centre in Tychy is famous for. My motto is: “ Knowledge releases imagination”.

I think the only way to achieve an impressive effect in nail art is through precision. I am available 7 days a week because I know that many beginning stylists have only weekends to train for their future job.

In my career, I have trained thousands of fantastic women. A few times in a year I organise training with the very best instructors from all over Poland. Each one of them has their own speciality and unique technique. Together we search for new ideas and experiment. My forte is perfect nail shapes in gel and acrylic method and salon ornaments.

I am happy to share my knowledge and experience which, I hope, will be appreciated at the latest Championships in Poland. I think that there is no such thing as impossible, there are only wasted chances.


  • Ist place at the Nailympia London 2016 in Stiletto Nails, division II
  • IInd place at the Nailympia London 2016 in Gel Structured on Form, division II
  • IIIrd place at the Nailympia London 2016 in Acrylic Form Structure, division II
  • IIIrd place at the Nailympia London 2016 in Soak Off Manicure, division II
  • IInd place Nailympion Rome in category Gel French 2016, division II
  • IIIrd Nailpro Cup Poland in category Sculptured Nails 2015 division novice
  • NailPro Cup Poland 2015 Top Team award - Team Indigo 




43-100 TYCHY

Tel. +48 537363417