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Karolina Orzechowska

I have been styling nails since 2008. It was then when I took a brush and a nail file in my hand for the first time. I understood that this is my world and I don't want to do anything else. In 2013 I have opened my own nail salon Love'n'Nails in Gdańsk. In 2014 I received an offer to cooperate with Indigo Nails, a year later I became an Instructor. 

A training centre in Gdańsk is a place where there are no problems and where I and my students chase our dreams. I try to share my passion with every person that comes to me. There is a unique atmosphere at our workshops. I combine my individual approach to each student with my commitment and professionalism. This is why my students create one of a kind type of designs and leave the centre full of enthusiasm and will to work.  

Both acrylic and gel method is no problem for me. My strong point is a salon ornament which I use every day in my salon. I love creating new designs. for me, a brush is a magic wand with which I create masterpieces for my clients.

My main goal is motivating my stylists to keep developing their skills, both beginners and professionals. Showing them advantages of constant learning and cheer for them when they are on their career path in nail art.


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