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Indigo Nails Educators

At Indigo Training Centers you will find a wide range of individual and group courses. Our instructors are important authorities in the world of cosmetics and at the same time, form the biggest and the most experienced training team in Poland.

Here are a few facts to prove our team has no competition:

  • They win trophies in Polish, International and World Championships – so far, our trainers have won 1420 medals!

  • They actively participate in creating products which become a success on the Polish and European market.

  • They create innovative decorating methods which inspire thousands of nail technicians in their everyday work.

  • They're invited by international training centres to set trends in many countries.

Our Team is guided and trained by multiple world champions to improve their knowledge and explore their skills.

Instructor Training takes place every 6 weeks at the main office in Lodz. Every meeting is like family time, where all of our instructors can exchange their experience and create innovative solutions together.

Feel the power of Indigo

Our Team is a strong and enthusiastic group of people. Training with us is never boring because we are a young team and we believe that everything is possible! We're full of positive energy and with our power of Indigo, we're inspiring everybody!

Our power is built not only by friendly relations and our love to of nail art but primarily by the constant need of improving our skills.

We simply love self-training!

Indigo's trainers know exactly how to share their practical knowledge with others and how to prepare beginner nail technicians and help them become masters of the nail art profession.

If you want to train yourself to the highest standards – you found the best place!

We're here to fulfil your expectations and guide you professionally in every stage of your career.

We proudly present Indigo Nails Training Team