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Body Lotions

Indigo body lotions are a great way to provide your skin with a complex care. Ingredients like D-Panthenol or a soy oil moisturise, regenerate and soothe irritation. Leaving the skin in better condition.

Hand Creams

Indigo hand creams are a basis of hand care. They contain ingredients such as beeswax, sunflower oil which make the skin soft, smooth and elastic. Available in various capacities.

Shea Sugar Body Scrub

Body Butters

Indigo Shea Butters are a versatile cosmetics which provide a nourishment for a very dry skin. They contain oils and beeswax and are a great way to strengthen the nails with Indigo Shea manicure.

Argan Oils

Indigo After-bath oils contain an Argan oil and sweet almond oil. They come in a handy spray and have a strong nourishing, moisturising and anti-ageing properties.

Home Spa Set

Indigo Home Spa Set is a perfect idea for a present. The elegant box contains hand cream, body butter, cuticle oil and samples. Available in 6 scents.

Cuticle Oils

A Shea Elixir cuticle oils contain every property of a Shea Butter but in a formula that's easy to apply on the cuticles and add a finishing touch to the manicure. It comes in a handy bottle with a dropper.

Nail Serum

Indigo Serum with Jojoba or Myrrh are a products which bring a professional nail care to your home. They moisturise the nail plate and prevent nail plate from splitting.

Salon Perfume

Indigo Salon Perfumes come in 3 different composition which will surely appeal to clients. They'll help them to relax and create a friendly atmosphere in a salon. Indigo scents last long and make your salon smell amazing.

Body Lotions and Hand Creams - samples 3ml

Cosmetic for body, hair and nails

Based on years of experience and advanced scientific knowledge, Indigo has created a unique HOME SPA line which provides a complex care for your skin and hair every day.

This line has combined nourishing cosmetics with Indigo scents and they complement each other perfectly. INDIGO HOME SPA cosmetics owe their amazing properties to the abundance of vitamins and minerals and a revolutionary combination of the best ingredients.

Complex formula and carefully selected materials ensure a visible effect just after a couple of uses. Thanks to INDIGO HOME SPA you'll see that high-quality cosmetics don't have to come with a high price.

The brand that had won hearts of over 450 thousands clients all over the world.

Discover the INDIGO HOME SPA quality.