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Indigo Gadgets


The bracelets are inspired by the most popular colours from the Gel Polish collection by Indigo. Now, you can match jewellery to your manicure. Bracelets are made out of semi-precious crystal or enamelled glass.

Posters and Roll Ups

Posters and roll-ups are a beautiful addition to a salon. They are a great way to display Indigo collections and to add nice details to the interior. High-quality print and a protective varnish will guarantee that the colours will last.


Indigo towels are made out of high-quality cotton. It makes them soft, gentle and nice to the touch. They come in a variety of colours, so you can pick the one that matches your salon.

Colour Charts

Indigo colour carts are a perfect way to show your client a 20 shades of Gel Polishes, gels, acrylics and even ornaments. They are available in transparent finish or a milky – which is close to the natural nail plate.

Make your salon look beautiful with Indigo!

Towels, salon perfumes, posters, expositors, calendars and many others which will transform your salon.

T-shirts, bath robes, tunics will be a  cherry on the  top of  your nail stylist appearance.

High-quality material preserves its colour and structure.

Let everybody know that you're a  professionalist.