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Hybrid manicure - find out
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Hybrid nails are an inseparable attribute of a modern woman who wants to look attractive, struggles every day with many challenges and... would like to save some time.

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Hybrid nail polishes, as the name suggests, are “hybrid” products, i.e. they combine the advantages of traditional nail polishes and gel products. The best of both worlds has been taken from these segments to offer women the opportunity to create a beautiful, diverse and extremely durable hybrid manicure.

And if you want a spectacular hybrid manicure to be created for you, then...

Visit a professional beauty salon - the Indigo signboard is almost a guarantee of the highest quality of services. The staff working at the salons cooperating with our brand use exclusively Indigo products and take part in mandatory training to provide you with a perfect service that reflects the most fashionable trends. Find a beauty salon in your area and enjoy the most beautiful hybrid nails!

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Thanks to this technology, when performing a manicure you can choose from countless color options and easily create various effects on the nails such as ombre, baby boomer, glitter, mirror, glass, stone, mermaid, pixels, concrete... or, of whatever you dream of. In addition, you can enjoy the durability reserved only for gel nails!

But before you fall in love with hybrid nails and become an experienced manicurist, let's start from the beginning - with us, you'll get all the necessary information about how to make such a manicure aswell, as all the necessary products for this purpose. Make yourself comfortable! Our blog provides lots of useful information and tips.

Get to know our wide range of products that are useful when performing hybrid manicures:

Remember that creating a perfect hybrid manicure is possible not only thanks to the best quality hybrid nail polish but, the whole spectrum of nail design products and accessories.

Pilniki i polerki Indigo-nails

files and polishers – to perfectly adjust the shape of and refine each nail

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Kremy i balsamy Indigo-nails

hand creams and body lotions, which will allow you to take care of your skin

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Bazy hybrydowe

bases - to support the nails and increase the durability of your nail design

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Topy hybrydowe

top coats - that will allow you to achieve a long-lasting effect of full gloss or penetrating matte

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Indigo Cleaner Indigo-nails

cleaners - thanks to which you can easily degrease the surface of your nails

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Indigo Remover Indigo-nails

removers - to easily remove any residue of a hybrid polish from the nails

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Olejki arganowe i oliwki do skórek Indigo-nails

argan oils and cuticle olis - which perfectly complement every manicure and serve as a source of support for the skin around the nails.

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Are you looking for substantive advice and tips?

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3 learn how to make a hybrid French manicure step by step

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4 learn how to choose the most suitable file

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zainspiruj się i zobacz co potrafią stworzyć Indigo Girls!

They once took their first steps in nail art and perhaps they didn't even believe in themselves.

Find out what hybrid nails they can create now!

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What is the advantage of hybrid nails over a traditional manicure?

In the light of the facts presented above, it's obvious but let's repeat it again: Imagine that from now on your nails will look perfect for up to 5 weeks - without the need for corrections, flaking or any damage caused by everyday activities.

A hybrid manicure guarantees the benefits of several methods: the richness of a colorful traditional design, exceptional durability up to a few weeks, and the possibility of performing it alone or for a lower amount than in the case of an acrylic or gel nail design made in a professional salon. Nail polish removal in the case of a hybrid manicure is not as invasive and long-lasting as in the case of gel or acrylic nails.

Thanks to hybrid nails you can enjoy life to the fullest - do sport, pursue passions, and perform daily duties without worrying that it will affect the appearance of your nails!

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Other types of manicure - how do they differ from one another? What do they involve?

When choosing a styling method that meets your expectations, you have a really wide range of possibilities in terms of materials, techniques and methods to use. Here's a short guide to the most frequently performed types of manicure!

Why Indigo?

Because hybrid nail polishes differ from one another. You can encounter numerous companies on the market that offer products designed to create hybrid nails, but Indigo gives you a guarantee of true reliability.

Since 2011 we have been constantly implementing state-of-the-art technological and chemical solutions, and many of our methods have been patented. Indigo is a guarantee of safety and the most fashionable trends.

Hybrid manicure? Only with Indigo!

Our team consists of not only experts in organic chemistry but also the world's most award-winning nail artists - they set the standards of quality and fashion. They also take care to increase the awareness of all nail artists and customers of beauty salons to ensure that thanks to the acquired knowledge they know how a perfect and safe manicure should be made. And, of course, how to create the most beautiful hybrid manicure!

We work hard to raise the awareness and standards of nail artists' work throughout the industry so that you can feel safe and use only professional services.

Indigo is a guarantee of the highest quality. Customers love our hybrid nail polishes because they offer perfect consistency and are available in several hundred unique shades. Indigo is the brand that shows how the most desirable hybrid nails look like every year!

Our products are available in more than 50 countries around the world; our collections are signed by well-known stars and celebrities and our patents and solutions, as well as the variety of our offerings, leave our competitors far behind!

What will delight you?

Indigo provides not only perfect nail polishes available in a wide range of colors but also other supplementary products used to make an impeccable hybrid manicure. On our website you will find everything you need at work - no matter how experienced you find yourself in the nail design art.



the nail polishes spread perfectly and at the same time do not flood the cuticles



we provide everything: from products used for basic decorations to those that will enable you to create spatial structures and stunning optical effects



we offer several hundred different colors as well as nail care and styling products



after correct application you can enjoy impeccable effects even up to 5 weeks



Indigo is one of the most famous and prestigious cosmetic brands



we offer only 100% tested and safe products


faster pace of work

with the best quality MULTILED lamp you can cure your nail design in just 20 seconds!