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Base Gels

Indigo Base Gels ensure the durability of the manicure by enhancing the adherence properties of the gel coats. It prevents the creation of air pockets. Type of gel base coat should be chosen by evaluating the natural nail plate.

Builder Gels

Indigo Builder Gels are available in a honey-like consistency or with a “jelly” formula (Easy Shape Line). The selection of shades and properties will help you choose the perfect product for your preference, style and experience.

Camouflage Gels

Classic Indigo Camouflage Gels have a honey-like consistency. They are perfect for enhancing the nail bed, are well pigmented and do not leave streaks.

White Gels

Indigo offers two white gels with a different consistency With their help you'll create a beautiful, pristine French manicure.

Finishing Gels

Indigo offers three types of shining gel which protect manicure form damage, make it durable and create a beautiful shine. If you want to create a satin effect, choose matte gel.

Indigo gel method for every nail stylist!

Gel manicure is one of the most popular trends among stylists. No wonder! Though it demands precision, time and special tools it gives a lot of artistic freedom! Thanks to this method you can go crazy with length and shape, make raised ornaments 3D. Gel manicure has amazing durability.

Any stylist will find something suiting among a broad spectrum of Indigo products for gel method. Doesn't' matter if you are a beginner or an experienced stylist!

The broad offer of Indigo gels ensures that you'll find the right gel for your way of working, technique, skills, experience and individual needs of your clients. The consistency of gels allows for working on both form and tip, the broad spectrum of thickness and great adherence properties ensures comfort during working.

  • The right kind of base gel guarantees the durability of the manicure no matter the condition of the natural nail plate.
  • Builder gels is a basis of your manicure - they provide the structure and form;
  • A broad colour spectrum of camouflage gels makes it easy to match the colour to client's skin tone. Camouflage works great for a french manicure and wedding manicure.
  • Thanks to a shining gel you can add a spectacular shine to the nails.
  • White gels are the best solution for perfect, snow white French.