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White Gels

French manicure with Indigo

French manicure is the most popular type of manicure. We know that neat hands and nails are our business card and french manicure is associated with classic elegance.

It's very popular among the brides. This is why it's important to have at your salon everything you might need.

How to create the white end to make the french look perfect?

Igloo White Cream - has become a number one among the clients who had a chance to try it out. A snow white builder gel, a bestseller among the gel method products.

Thanks to Igloo White Cream creating the smile line is quick and easy. A strong pigmentation and thick, foam-like consistency make the white gel stay in place until you finish all five fingers.

The beginner Stylists can create the nail shape without a rush and the experienced can save the time they've spent on initial curing and filing down the excess of the product. The colour won't turn yellow and the effect is long-lasting.

Igloo White Cream is number one among our clients.

X White - A super white, thin gel with high pigmentation. It doesn't create lumps. It's a tough gel - it doesn't leave a dispersive layer.

It helps in creating a sharp and pronounced smile line. You can use it like a thick gel or paint smile line on a created nails and cover the entire thing with shining gel. This method is suggested especially during the refreshing of the manicure - you can quickly file down and paint the smile line again without damaging the nail structure.

Natural White Cream - we created this product thinking about the clients who prefer more natural, organic look. Gel has a semi-thick consistency and works for both structural and painted french. Thanks to Natural White Cream you can achieve the delicate, warm shade of a white french tip.

- Many stylists use Indigo Sugar Effect for french tip or if they prefer thinner gels Gel Brush White.