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High Gloss Gels

Shining gels Indigo - perfect way to finish manicure

Shining gels Indigo provide the perfect finish and protection of your manicure. Achieve spectacular effect and make your client gape at her beautiful, shiny nails! Dazzle people with glossy nails!

Which shining gel should be used to protect the design?

Indigo Shine On!

Shine On! is a hard UV gel without a dispersive layer, compatible with the acrylic method and other hard gels like Take Your Time and Builder Clear. After 4 weeks it shines as beautifully as on the day of the application. It protects ornaments beautifully and highlights the depth of colour. The soft brush makes working near cuticles an easy task.

Indigo Base&Top

Base&Top - is a genius product which can replace a dozen others. It can be applied on natural and enhanced nails, it can also work great for filling the overgrown manicure. Very durable, crystal clear it adds the depth of colour and UV factors protect colour from turning yellow even in tropical conditions. With Base&Top you can fill in the gaps, finish and protect the  manicure.

Indigo Hollywood Gloss

If you like to work with thick UV gels than Indigo Hollywood Gloss will become your favourite gel! Hollywood Gloss guarantees a high gloss, protects the colour until next Client's visit. Gel shines beautifully, doesn't get rubbed off the free edge, protects the colour and the French tip. It works great for protecting painted or foil ornaments. It has a thicker consistency. It contains UV factors. It cures in LED lamp or a UV lamp. The cherry on the top of a beautiful manicure.

Indigo Wet Look

Indigo Wet Look is a real tough guy among the shining gels. It creates an amazing shiny manicure! Soft, thin gel brush can be applied on any builder gel Indigo or acrylic. A handy brush will make application in the cuticle area an easy task. It contains UV factors, which will keep the white pristine.