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Easy Shape Line

Easy Shape Line - elastic UV gels

A unique collection of builder gels from Easy Shape Line consists of elastic UV gels created to work in higher temperatures. Easy Shape formula makes them very durable and because they are elastic they can be used to create the entire nails and adding strength to the natural.

The unique collection Easy Shape - which gel should I order?

Easy Shape Rosy

Easy Shape Rosy - it's a gel with a consistency of a jello - it's very thick and very soft at the same time. It doesn't shrink in the lamp and is easy to file after curing. A translucent gel in a pink-peachy shade. This gel is very thick, it won't get our of a container even after putting it upside down. It can be cured with UV Lamp, LED Lamp and CCFL.

Easy Shape Milky Pink

Easy Shape Milky Pink - is a thick gel with a unique consistency of a mousse in a milky translucent shade. The secret of this gel is the milky shade and 50% opacity. The French manicure created with Easy Shape Milky is very subtle. Easy Shape Milky works great in the salon. It's soft and easy to file. It can be cured in UV Lamp, CCFL or a LED Lamp.

Easy Shape Cover

Easy Shape Cover - gel with a consistency of fluffy pudding. It allows you to put the cover on all 5 nails before putting the hand to the lamp. The Easy Shape protects cuticles from being covered with a product and help to achieve the symmetrical smile line. It doesn't change the shape during the polymerisation so the file can be used only for touch ups.

The universal shade of camouflage will complement any skin tone. Thanks to a high-level of pigmentation the smile line is perfectly visible and the line is sharp. In the salon, it can be used for creating a French manicure, a "nude" style nails or a wedding manicure. Easy Shape Cover is flexible and resistant to damage at the same time. It can be cured only in a UV Lamp.

Easy Shape Builder

Easy Shape Builder - is a semi-thick gel with a strong surface tension. It's very soft and flexible - our students call it a "jelly". It makes work easy, it says in place when forming and is very soft under the file. It's a perfect choice for the gel manicure and short, salon nails. Thanks to lower polymerization temperature it does not burn in the lamp.