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Base Gels

Which Base Gel should you choose?

Keratin Base

Are you looking for the product that lets you make dreamed-of stylization and nourishes nail plate? Keratin Base it's a perfect solution for you!

Keratin Base nourishes and level nail plate structure, rebuilding it in the same time. It's a guarantee of no 'air pockets' and stronger nails. This products let you make a stylization of the most problematic nail plate, when all other products let you down.

It's universal - it can be used under gel polish and any other type of gel. It improves the durability of every stylization, gives healthy look of a nail plate and it works like the best nail conditioner. Choose the keratin treatment and remember that esthethic hands and nails are your mark.

Indigo Perfect Base

Runny base gel is completely transparent and it's a guarantee of long lasting extended nails, no matter what is the condition of a nail plate.
This gel is very efficient - rub it into thin layer of a product, before applying building gel. Leave really tacky, dispersion layer.

There are no micro clumps after curing so the application of french manicure and to even smile line is very easy.
Besides problematic nail plate, we use Indigo Perfect Base as a base with colour gels and camouflage to provide adhesion with hightly pigmented gels.

Indigo Base&Top

It's a marvelous product which substitutes tons of others. You can apply it on a natural or extended nails, it's perfect for quick replenishment.
Great durability, crystal transparency, magnificent depth of colour and UV factor that protects before yellowing even in the most exotic conditions.

Keep Base&Top always near around you so you'll be always able to fix some lacks, to perfectly finish and protect your work.

Base gels by Indigo it's 100% of adhesion and no air pockets. This base will let you build nail without any doubt about our stylization.