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Base Gels

Which base gel should I use?

Keratin base

Are you looking for a product which will not only create beautiful nail but also nourish natural nail plate? Keratin Base is a perfect solution for you!

Creates a smooth surface and at the same time nourishes and strengthens the natural nail plate. Keratin Bese means no more air pockets and stronger nail. It works great with a problematic nail plate, where other products fall short.

It's a versatile product - it can be used under gel polish manicure or any other gel. Strengthens any manicure and makes the natural plate look healthy while working like the best conditioner. While performing the Keratin treatment remember that beautiful hands are stylist's business card.

Indigo Perfect Base

This completely transparent, thin base gel guarantees a durability of the enhanced nails no matter the condition of the natural plate.

It's a very efficient product you need to rub a very thin layer into natural nail plate before putting on a builder gel. It leaves a very tacky dispersive layer.

After curing it doesn't create micro granules so the application of French manicure and creating an even smile line is very easy. Apart from a problematic plate, the Inigo Perfect Base is used as a base coat for colour gels and camouflages to ensure the adherence of highly pigmented gels.

Indigo Base&Top

A brilliant product, which can replace many other. It can be applied on both natural and enhanced nails. It works great for a quick filling in the manicure.

Very durable, crystal clear adds depth to colours, the UV factors protect the white from turning yellow.

Base&Top will help us correct any mistakes and creates a perfect finish which protects our work.

Indigo base gels ensure a 100% adherence and no air pockets.