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Indigo Gel Polish Nails are famous for durability, great quality and excellent adhesion

As our customers say " The most beautiful colours on the market!’.
As stated in the Vogue magazine, we are ‘the colour experts‘.

Forget about gel polishes that fade or change colour! Your customers deserve a lack of chipping and 100% percent bright colour even after 6 weeks of wearing Indigo Gel Polish.

What are the characteristics of Indigo gel polish?

Gel Polish and gloss top coat completely dissolve in the Indigo Remover – no need to file the outer layers.
The formula is delicate on the natural nail.
Medium-thick consistency helps create a smooth application: the polish does not spill on the cuticles, doesn`t create streaks or shrink under the lamp.

Gloss top coat with a dazzling shine - try our new "Indigo Crystal Top" Head-spinning colour palette, over 160 shades to choose from.
Reasonable price which makes it possible for you to start your work with Indigo Gel Polish right away.

Indigo Gel Polish is the only hybrid product in Poland which has received the Certificate of the Independent Dermatest Institute. Order the Certificate for your salon – show your customers that you use only the best quality products.

You will find 3 types of Gel Polish in Indigo offer:
– Traditional Gel Polish:
most beautiful colours, over 100 shades to choose from, very well pigmented, achieve full coverage in just two coats
– Effect Gel Polish:
shimmers that we put on top of a chosen nail polish giving them a multicolour luminescence
– Glitter Gel Polish:
glitter gel polish with full coverage – no need to apply it over another colour

Curing time: UV 2 min.; LED 5-10 sec.

20 the most popular colour from Gel Polish Collection:

Mr. White
Mr. Black
Chic Nude
Be Cool
Out of Control
Bahama Mama
Neon Pink
Lemon Ice
Neon Red
Summer Joy
Milky Pink
Fly High
Little Pink
Ciao Bella
Caffe Latte
Miss Universe
Baby Blue
Neon Yellow
I`m the Boss
Neon Orange
Top Secret
Mr. Bean