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Gel Brushes


11 EUR

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Indigo brushes for gel method are made out of high quality natural 100% Kolinsky bristles.

One brush will last you years of work. The bristles will stay in a perfect form, bouncy and tight. A precise shape will help you in creating the smile line and applying product near the cuticles. Forget about air pockets in your gel nails.

Indigo Gel Brush #4 makes applying gel near cuticles an easy task. We recommend this brush for beginners. A small and straight brush will work great for ombre or nail ornaments created with gel.

Indigo Gel Brush #6 comes in a universal size, the most popular brush among our stylists. Thanks to its bouncy bristles creating nail with gel are very easy.

Indigo Gel Brush #8 a big size makes your work a lot quicker.

Indigo Basic Gel Brush Gel brush made out of synthetic bristles. A gentle cat's tongue shape makes applying a colour gel near cuticles a very easy task. The bristles are very soft and won't create smudges in the gel. The most popular brush on the Italian market!