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Colour Gel Brushes

Indigo colour gels in a brush have a creamy consistency, are well pigmented and work with the nail plate. Indigo offers 100 unique shades.

Arte Brillante Gels

Arte Brillante is a collection of well-pigmented Indigo gels which do not produce a dispersive layer. They are perfect for micropainting, ornaments and ombre. They have a semi-thick consistency and come in a bottle with a brush.

Cat Eye Gels

Gel Brush Cat Eye is a collection of magnetic Indigo gels. They have a thin consistency and provide a great coverage. They come in a bottle with a brush. They come in 10 unique shades.

Indigo Gel Brush is an absolute revolution in the field of a professional manicure!

Gel Brush is a line of colour gels in a convenient bottle with a brush which makes an application much easier.


Gel Brushes can be applied only on the extended gel or acrylic nails or on the natural nail plate that has been strengthened with a gel. Application on a natural nail plate might cause breakage. To remove the product from the nail you should file it carefully with a file 100/180.

Despite strong pigmentation, thin consistency of gel brush doesn't shrink in the nail lamp, doesn't spill on the cuticles and it's easy to spread. Thanks to the new technology you don't have to stir the gel before using it because pigments are not going to separate even after external temperature change.

What are other advantages of using Gel Brush?

With Indigo Gel Brush you don't have to be worried about 'bubbling gel' effect because the new bottle with a brush eliminates this problem.

Finally, you won't have to wash a brush after using a different colour because each colour has its own brush!

The brush is perfectly adjusted for the gel consistency, it guarantees a  fast and comfortable application.

Gels Brush will make your work easier - fill in the manicure has never been so fast, creating stylish patterns on nails and beautiful nail art like ombre will be easy. Gels Brush are head turners with their lovely, fashionable colours.

Why should you choose the Indigo Gel Brush

  • Thanks to the high pigmentation colours won't fade and provide a great coverage.
  • The thin consistency
  • Gel Brush doesn't shrink under the lamp and doesn't spill on the cuticles
  • They're very efficient and fast in applying
  • Gel Brush is perfect product for the stylists working with a gel and acrylic methods
  • To end up stylization you can use gel colour polish - Shine On and Wet Look


Gel Brush can't be applied on natural nail plate because there is a risk of breaking. It's not a gel polish so it doesn't dissolve in Lanoline Remover - it has to be filed down.