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Gel Brush Collection

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Indigo Gel Brush is a perfect gel product - highly pigmented, thin consistency and in a brush form.

It spreads like a dream, won't shrink under the lamp, won't spill on the cuticles. It has been created to make your work easier - a faster way to fill in the manicure, create a spectacular nail art and fashionable designs. The broad spectrum of colours will make you fall head over heels for this collection.

Why should you choose Gel Brushes?

Gel Brushes are the revolution in the field of a professional manicure. Thanks to the new technology you don't have to stir the gel before using it because pigments are not going to separate even after external temperature change. The brush is custom made for this gel consistency, it guarantees a fast and comfortable application. With Indigo Gel Brush you don't have to be worried about 'bubbling gel' effect because the new bottle with a brush eliminates this problem. Finally, you won't have to wash a brush after using a different colour because each colour has its own brush!

What makes the Indigo Gel Brushes so unique?

• great coverage

• thanks to a high level of pigments the colours do not fade

• thin consistency

• no shrinkage under the lamp

• no spillage on the cuticles

• it lasts for 10-15 sets od nails according to our stylists, that is 6 to 9 months of salon work (this may vary depending on how many colours does the stylist has).

The new line of products was created with stylists who work with gel and acrylic in mind and are looking for coloured gels that are fast in the application and provide a great coverage.

Hardening time UV: 2 min., LED 20 sec.

20 the most popular colour from Gel Brush Collection:

Eleganza, White, Maybe Baby, Alexandria, Lady Dragon, Vanilla Nude, Porcelain Doll, Veni Vidi Peachy, Superwoman, Troppo Bello, Mrs. Grey, Fragola Bon Bon, Dark Amethyst, Metallic Marsala, Mamma Mia, Plumastic, Felice Io, Sin City, Hola Lola, Nostalgia, Bombastic, Baby Blue, Think Pink, Brazilian Coffee, Look at me