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Elisza Multescu

I have started working as a nail stylist in 2007. Everything started innocently I was creating designs for myself and one day I realised that I would like to do this professionally. I signed up for my first workshops and nail art world consumed me completely. I was fascinated and wanted to learn more and more.  I was studying new techniques and sacrificed many hours to reach my goal which was becoming an Instructor. My dreams came true in 2013 when I have started a cooperation with Indigo Nails a year later I became an Instructor.

I love creating designs it is my greatest passion. I think every technique is fascinating I love them all equally. One Stroke, zhostovo and watercolour are my favourites. 

Being an Instructor gives me a lot of joy. Thanks to my help students can make their dreams come true. Being a part of their success is priceless. My training centre is known mainly for painting workshops. We work with watercolours, acrylic paints and learn basic composition and colour matching.

My dream is to open a new training centre, training talented people and building a strong Indigo team in Romania.


SC Aquarelle Beauty SRL
Str. Dorobantilor nr. 74
900566 Constanta
tel. +40 733269500