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Smoke Powder

Mermaid Effect

Mermaid Effect is a bestselling Indigo Nail Effect, loved by women across the world. Marmaid Effect is available in 12 shades – from subtle pastels to vibrant neons. Each can be applied to create a smooth surface or a frost effect.

Snow Effect

Holo Effect

Holo Effect are tiny particles that shimmer with all the colours of the rainbow and create an extravagant manicure. Nail Effect comes in a fourteen different shades.

Pixel Effect

Pixel Effect are unique particles which create a sequin effect on the nail. Available in eight different shades among them five juicy neons. The effect can be applied like a smooth surface or like a shimmering frost.

Metal Manix®

Metal Manix® is an amazing dust which has comes in 12 different shades. Use it if you want to create a metallic shine, chrome effect or chameleon effect.


GlassMe® is a fine powder which will amaze you with the multicoloured shine it creates. Once applied it creates a smooth, opalescent surface. The dust should be rubbed onto the products with a dispersive layer.


Glammer is a very fine nail effect in two versions – golden and silver. It creates a subtle but unique effect of a pearly surface. Nail Effect should be applied on products without dispersive layer.



Metal Manix Effect Chameleon


To achieve a perfect mirror surface put our effect dust on products without dispersion layer. Choose a Dry Top, Shine On or Arte Brillante to achieve a spectacular effect.

If the product is perfectly cured the application will bring you a lot of pleasure. In just a few swipes of the applicator, you'll see the creation of mirror surface.

Mermaid Effect® Neons

The hottest trend of nail art in a coming spring/summer season 2017. An expressive and bold manicure that draws attention is the trend that cannot be missed. New Mermaid Effect® helps you to create spectacular effects on your nails. When rubbed into the nails plate it creates an amazing shining surface, sprinkled on top of the nail will transform into neon frost.

Available in 5 different shades: Neon Lila, Neon Orange, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow

Metal Manix® Effect

Metal Manix - Multi Chrome is an answer for the desire among clients for a mirror nails.

Beautiful sparkling nails with a mirror effect - forget about other sparkly products and see the new look for your nails.

This manicure will draw attention!

Metal Manix should be applied on a Sugar Effect or a Paint Gel because these products have an ample dispersive layer which will create the spectacular mirror effect.

New Metal Manix - Multi Chrome makes creating a mirror surface in all the colours of the rainbow possible.




Mermaid effect is an amazing and a quick way to create manicure.

Enchanting dust closed in a tiny box which wins the heart of clients across the Poland! The quick and easy application creates amazing, LASTING effect - it will stay on nails in pristine condition until next visit. Nails will shimmer with tiny particles drawing the attention. Forget about boring glitter nails! Get the mermaid effect for your salon and see the magic you can create with it.

How to use the mermaid effect?

1. Cure two coats of base colour. The product must create dispersive layer (colour gels, Gel Polish and Gel Brush)
2. Do not wipe off the dispersive layer, sprinkle the dust on top of it.
3. With a fingertip rub the dust into the dispersive layer.
4. Remove excess dust with a soft brush.
5. Protect the manicure with shining gel or a Removable Top Coat.

Mermaid Effect can also be worn as jewellery. The special edition of opal bracelet was created to match our dust!

2,5 g per container

Holo Effect

An amazing, sparkling dust which creates a dazzling effect on the nail.

Get a beautiful, magic manicure with mysterious Holo Effect.

Forget about boring nails.