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For Manicure

Lamps and bulbs

Reliable lamp is a basis of gel and gel polish manicure. LED lamp emits white light which cures Indigo gels and gel polishes. It makes the manicure durable and the light is harmless for eyes.


Indigo offers two types of e-files. A portable one can be used anywhere thanks to its small size and lightweight. The stationary e-file is a perfect device for a salon.

High-quality, the best materials and ergonomy- these are the features of Indigo devices!

The lamp is a must-have for any nail stylist - as necessary as an e-file which makes the job of taking off the gel or acrylic products a lot faster.

Creating a Gel Polish manicure will be a lot easier as well as working on cuticles. No matter if you choose LED or UV lamp, the stationary or portable e-file it is important to think about using this device in your work. Once you'll use

You'll love them from the first use!!