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Delivery time and cost

For any purchased product regardless of its price, there needs to be added the cost of shipping.

The shipping is processed by DPD courier company (for orders processed in the country) and FedEx, DPD, TNT (for international shipping).

Shipping time depends on type of the package and address of the recipient.


Details and conditions of the shipping are included in inner regulations of courier companies.

In case of choosing the  COD (Collection Order Delivery) shipment Indigo Nails reserves the right to verify the order through means of e-mail or a telephone with the ordering person to confirm or reject the placed order.

The Purchaser has right to check the contents of the package in the presence of a courier after making the payment.

Shipping costs:

  290,00 PLN
  290,00 PLN
Albania   126,00 PLN
Algeria   420,00 PLN
Australia   250,00 PLN
Austria   48,00 PLN
Belarus   189,00 PLN
Bosnia and Herzegovina   295,00 PLN
Brazil   210,00 PLN
Bulgaria   84,00 PLN
Canada   210,00 PLN
Canary Islands   126,00 PLN
Chile   340,00 PLN
Croatia   84,00 PLN
Cyprus   126,00 PLN
Czechia   30,00 PLN
Denmark   48,00 PLN
Estonia   48,00 PLN
Finland   84,00 PLN
Georgia   147,00 PLN
Germany   33,00 PLN
Gibraltar   126,00 PLN
Guatemala   210,00 PLN
Hong Kong   252,00 PLN
Hungary   46,00 PLN
Iceland   420,00 PLN
India   336,00 PLN
Indonesia   336,00 PLN
Iran   168,00 PLN
Iraq   420,00 PLN
Isle of Man   117,00 PLN
Israel   252,00 PLN
Japan   252,00 PLN
Korea, Republic of   252,00 PLN
Kuwait   252,00 PLN
Latvia   48,00 PLN
Liechtenstein   290,00 PLN
Luxembourg   48,00 PLN
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of   126,00 PLN
Malaysia   273,00 PLN
Malta   260,00 PLN
Mauritius   630,00 PLN
Mexico   168,00 PLN
Moldova, Republic of   168,00 PLN
Monaco   126,00 PLN
Morocco   420,00 PLN
Netherlands   42,00 PLN
New Zealand   252,00 PLN
Norway   260,00 PLN
Philippines   336,00 PLN
Poland   7,99 PLN
Portugal   84,00 PLN
Qatar   252,00 PLN
Romania   84,00 PLN
Russian Federation   252,00 PLN
Serbia   304,00 PLN
Singapore   210,00 PLN
Slovakia   40,00 PLN
South Africa   252,00 PLN
Spain (without Canary Islands)   70,00 PLN
Sweden   62,00 PLN
Switzerland   233,00 PLN
Thailand   210,00 PLN
Ukraine   138,00 PLN
United Arab Emirates   252,00 PLN
United Kingdom   53,00 PLN
United States   210,00 PLN