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Fall in love with Shea Elixir - Indigo cuticle oils!

Beautiful hands owe their look not only to the perfect manicure but also to esthetic and neat skin. Shea Elixir cuticle oils provide optimal skincare and moisturising of the skin around the nails.

Applying the cuticle oil is a subtle, finishing touch to the manicure ritual in your nail salon. The effects will leave your client astonished not only by the effect but also the beautiful smell.

Did you know that Indigo cuticle oils

  • nourish and regenerate the skin
  • have antiageing properties and protect the skin from free radicals
  • protect from harsh elements,
  • do not cause an allergic reaction and soothe the ones that are active

Shea Elixir Cuticle Oils come in 12 beautiful Indigo scents: Arôme 99, Bella Vita, Bloom Gold, Egoista, Femme Fatale, Indigolicious, Love Story, Matrioshka, Orient, Pop Sugar, Raspberry Love, Seventh Heaven.