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Colour Gels

What is so special about Indigo Colour Gels?

Nail colour gels is a unique product line with wide colour palette, diverse profile and ubelievable characteristics. Indigo Colour Gels have exceptionally good consistence and very wide choice of use.

Each of them is special and will be very useful with many gel stylization:

  • basic, where you can find 99 unique colours
  • glitter czyli incredibly shinning colour gels with incredible amount of tiny glitter
  • chameleon it's a dislosure on the market - thermal gels that changes colours because of the temperature
  • stardust delicate, milky mists that improve stylizations
  • neon ultravisible neon shades of simple colours
  • disco crazy, thick glitter gels with revolutionary covering right after the first layer
  • nailart collection of colour gels in the paste consistence, mixing perfect with eachother
  • arte brillante perfect gels for micropainting in consistence of oil color paint

Do you know that:

Indigo Colour Gels you can order in very convenient jars. That's why you're able to apply them very thin brush for ornaments but also with a brush for gel.

Tip for the gel nail polish:

To polish colour gels use Shine On! - it's a gel without dispersion layer or Wet Look, which gives an effect of wet nails but leaves sticky dispersion layer that it's better to remove with help of Supershine Cleaner.

How to make gel stylization step after step?

  1. Colour gels we can apply on the gel method or acrylic, extended nails or just harden with a gel/acrylic natural nail plate.
  2. Prepared nail we clean from the dust.
  3. Degrease it with a Cleaner.
  4. There is no need to use base under colour gel, we can apply colour directly on the matt nail.
  5. Curing time: 30 seconds LED and 2 minutes for UV.
  6. To get shinny nails we cover them with Shine On! or Wet Look gel.
  7. If we would like to get very fashionable nails we can use Matt Effect -matt gel, which will metamorphose your stylization.

This makes your stylization ready! :)