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Colour Gels

Mousse Gel

Mousse Gel is a unique Indigo product created by combining Nail Art and Arte Brillante gels. It has a strong pigmentation, consistency of a thick mousse and a glossy finish. It doesn't create a dispersive layer. It is easy to apply and gives you a lot of time to perfect the ornament.

Paint Black and Sugar Effect Gels

Paint Gel and Sugar Effect are nail art gels that come in a black and snow white colours. They have a honey consistency and create a dispersive layer. They are perfect for sprinkling with acrylic powders and for ombre. Available in a jar.

Nail Art Gel

Nail Art Gels provide great coverage and produce dispersive layer. They are perfect for raised and structural ornaments or ombre. They come in a broad colour spectrum and are available in a handy container.

Sparkle Gel

Sparkle is an unique collection of Indigo colour gels which contain beautiful, shiny particles. They provide great coverage. They come in 8 amazing, intense shades.

Shine On Bling Bling Gels

Shine On Bling Bling are Indigo gels with a honey-like consistency that do not create a dispersive layer. They are perfect for ornamenting and ombre. They come in a three shades. Available in a jar.

Glitter Gel

What are the characteristics of Indigo colour gels?

Colour gels for nails is an exceptional line of products with a wide range of colours, various characteristics and amazing properties. Indigo colour gels have a great consistency and a broad spectrum of applications.

Each collection is unique and can be used to create different gel manicures:

  • basic, where you can find 99 amazing colours
  • sparkle colour gels containing shimmering flecks designed by Giada Sassu
  • glitter an amazing sparkling collection of colour gels with a high concentration of glitter
  • kameleon is a new revelation on the market a thermal gel which changes the shade according to temperature
  • illumination is a multi-colour gel with an oil sleek effect
  • stardust creates a translucent mist effect which will transform any nail design
  • neon vibrant shades of basic colours
  • disco a very glittery, thick gels wich provide coverage with only one coat.
  • paint gel amazing black gel with a number of applications
  • sugar effect - very well pigmented white gel, perfect for precise ornaments and for creating candy nails
  • nailart a collection of  gels with a paste-like consistency
  • shine on bling bling are glittery gels which don't create a dispersive layer
  • arte brillante gels are perfect for micropainting because they have a consistency of an oil paint.

Do you know that:

Indigo colour gels come in a convenient container. This way you can apply them with a brush for gel or a nail art brush.

Tips for applying high gloss gel:

To add shine to colour gels use Shine On! - it's a gel without a dispersive layer

or a Wet Look which creates an effect of wet nails but it leaves a dispersive layer which should be removed with a recommended Cleaner Super Shine Effect

How to create a gel manicure step by step:

1. Colour gels can be applied on gel or acrylic nails, on enhanced or on natural nail plate hardened with gel or acrylic product.

2. Remove dust from filed nail.

3. Degrease the nail with Cleaner.

4. No need to apply base under colour gel we can apply the product on matte nails.

5. Curing time is 30 seconds in LED lamp and 2 minutes in UV Lamp

6. To achieve glossy nails cover them with a Shine On! or Wet Look.

7. If you want to create fashionable matte nails you can use a Matt Effect which is a matting gel which will transform your nail design

And your nails are done :)