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Camouflage Gels

25 PLN / 5 ml

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Indigo camouflage gels - beautiful french manicure

Camouflage gel will help you create that slim, beautiful French style on any client's nails.

Which camouflage is best?

Both beginner and more advanced stylist will find the right product among the Indigo camouflage gels. The abundance of UV gels makes it easy to choose the right one. The consistency allows you to work on the form, pigmentation ensures a full coverage and different thicknesses and great adherence guarantee easy work.

Camouflage Indigo

Indigo Cover no.1 - is the most natural looking shade on the market. It's easy to apply, doesn't create streaks and has an even pigmentation. The secret of Indigo Cover no.1 is its natural shade. Your clients will fall in love immediately!

Indigo Cover no.2 - is a UV gel that matches darker skin tones - perfect for women with a Mediterranean complexion. The pigment spreads evenly and doesn't create streaks which make enhancing nails a very easy task. Indigo Cover no.2 is very popular among clients from France and Italy - complements darker hair and tanned skin.

Indigo Cover np.3 - a fair, pastel pink. Nails created with this gel are subtle and delicate. It's very moldable and doesn’t create streaks. Indigo Cover no.3 is popular in Sweden and Norway where the "nude" style is fashionable.

Indigo Cover no. 4 -  a peachy shade of nude. This warm shade fits any type of complexion. A semi thick gel spreads beautifully and doesn't create streaks. Indigo Cover no. 4 is very popular in Canada. 

Easy Shape Cover - has a beautiful, natural colour. The formula has been designed to make the work time shorter. Because of this new technology the product becomes solid during the forming process. It doesn’t spread and spill no matter the temperature. At the same time, it's very pliable and soft under a brush.

Thanks to Easy Shape Cover building and adding length to the nail is easier. It's a perfect product for beginners to polish their skills and Advanced stylists will appreciate a shorter time when filing the created nail. 

Indigo Cover Bling-Bling - is a favourite among women who like to be at the centre of attention.  Camouflage in a natural shade with an incorporated multicolour shimmer, it’s the bestselling Indigo products for three consecutive years. This nail gel is very thick. It includes a lot of multicolour shimmers but still very moldable. It doesn't create streaks. Our clients call it "the most beautiful camouflage on the market". We suggest using this for business French or wedding ornaments.

How to apply Indigo camouflages?

Easy to apply, semi-thick UV gel should always be applied on Indigo Perfect Base Gel or on a layer of transparent gel like Easy Shape RosyWhite gels need a good base because of the high pigmentation.