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Anais Meheut

My beginnings were hard because I didn't have access to good quality products. I tried my hardest. Each failure motivated me to strive to perfection. One day I've become acquainted with Indigo Nails brand. Since I had started working on Indigo products my problems with nail designs stopped. I could spread my wings.

In 2013 I became a part of Indigo Team. The high-level workshops give me endless possibilities to develop my technique. I am very happy that my career path has turned this way. In 2014 I received a  title of Indigo Instructor and opened my own training centre. 

I organise workshops and training sessions often there are more and more participants. I am happy when I can share my skills with others. I always try to have an individual approach to my students, know their skills and strong points very well. I find places where they make mistakes and show how to eliminate them. This is what my students value in me and why they come back.

I work with many techniques. I think that an Instructor title obliges me to constant growth and development in nail art. I keep training people and hope that one day I will reach my desired level of precision.


8 rue du centre
22940 Saint Julien