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Aliz Fehérvári

As a child I was admiring the art of creating nail designs. When I saw someone had, long, ornamented nails I decided I want to have such nails. As the time went by I started taking interest in different nail techniques. At the beginning, I was teaching myself but later I took professional courses. In 2001 I have opened my first nail salon. I worked hard and trained with the very best in the business and in 2012 I received a title of Indigo Instructor.

In 2014 I opened training centre. Working as an instructor is very inspirational, I meet talented and passionate people every single day. Sharing their success with me is the most important and most beautiful part of my work.

I prefer the gel method. I love creating ornaments and different gel techniques. I was very happy to join Indigo Team. I can train with the best instructors and share experience and knowledge with others. In the near future, I would like to focus on developing my skills and improve my training centre.


  • IInd place at  Hungary Championship Körmös Nagydíj in category 3D Tip Box 2015
  • Ist place at Europe Championship in category 3D Tip Box 2014


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7623 Pécs
tel. +36 703610115