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Agata Kaczmarek

I have been interested in nail art since my earliest days. As a child, I used to paint nails of every woman in my family. I have always known that this is what I want to do in life. My passion was developing with time, I wanted to learn every known technique or method. My cosmetology studies confirmed my belief so I started styling nails professionally.  After six years of hard work, I made my dreams come true - I received a title of Indigo Nails Instructor.

When I train I care that all of my students at the beginning of their career in nail-art, expanded their knowledge, developed skills and received needed attention and support.

I love both methods, acrylic and gel. For everyday work in my salon I prefer acrylic, but when it comes to novelty shapes I usually choose gel. My favourite nail shape is a stiletto and my beloved ornamenting technique is an intricate micropainting.

My plan for the future is a constant development of my skills and knowledge and taking part in national and international championships.


Nails Olympic International

  • 2nd place Salon Nails
  • 3rd place Pink&White Akryl
  • 1st place Pink&White Żel


“Beauty Butterfly”
ul. Łodygowa 3
03-687 Warszawa
tel. +48 577377497