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Addition to #trenujwdomuzIndigo Offer

ADDITION of 24th of March 2020

to the #trenujwdomuzIndigo Offer T&Cs starting from March 18, 2020.


This addition introduces the following changes to the T&Cs of "#trainujewdomuzIndigo" Offer


Subject to change is the point I (2) relating to the duration of the Offer, to read as follows:

"The Offer runs from March 18th, 2020 from 15:00:00 to March 25th, 2020 to 08:59:59 (hereinafter: Duration of the Offer)”.



Other provisions of the T&Cs remain unchanged. Hence the current consolidated text of the T&Cs Offer #trenujewdomuzIndigo reads:

Terms & Conditions of the "#trenujwdomuzIndigo Offer"

I. Promoter and time frame

  1. Promoter of "#trenujwdomuzIndigo Offer" (hereinafter referred to as 'Offer') is Indigo Nails Limited Liability Company limited partnership with registered address (headquarters) at ul. Gen. Lucjana Żeligowskiego 3/5, 90-752 Łódź, entered into the Companies Register by the District Court Łódź – Śródmieście Łódź, XX Commercial Department of the National Court Register under the number KRS: 0000684415, REGON 101805889, NIP 7272792881 (hereinafter referred to as Indigo Nails) and partners of Indigo Nails, from which it is possible to purchase Products covered by the Special Offers in accordance with point II of Terms & Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Promoter’), while for specific Special Offer Participant the Special Offer Promoter is always the entity with which the Participant concludes a sales agreement.
  2. The offer runs from 18th March 2020, 15:00:00, until 25th March 23:59:59, or until stocks last (hereinafter referred to as ‘Duration Time’)

II. General Terms and Conditions

  1. The offer is open to both the consumer, making a legal transaction under the conditions set out in these T&Cs, not directly related to its business or professional activity, as well as a professional running business or professional activity (referred to in art. 33 1 § 1 of the Civil Code) (hereinafter referred to as the Participant), with the provision that the Participant can participate in the Offer only twice (i.e. place two Promotional orders).
  2. The Participant will place an order until offer ends:
    1. via online store;
    2. at the official point of sale, the list of which can be found on the Indigo Nails website at,punkty-sprzedazy.html, who participates in the Offer, because joining the Offer through official points of sale is voluntary;
  3. The offer applies to orders placed during the special offer both in Poland and other countries.
  4. Any further resale of the Promoter's products purchased within and covered by the offer is not permitted in any scope, in particular, related to the Participant's business activities. The Participant is committed not to resell the Products covered by the offer in any scope and in particular within Participant's business activities. In case of breach of the above, the Promoter has the right to claim from the Participant the return of the value of products that the Participant purchased as part of the offer, to which the Participant, by accepting the T&Cs and taking part in the Promotion agrees.

III. Terms and Conditions

  1. During the Offer, if the Participant makes a one-off purchase with the values ​​indicated below, then he will collect the specified amount of Protein Base Removable 7 ml at the purchase price:

a) the value of a one-off order in PLN:

  • from PLN 100.00 to PLN 199.99 - 1 bottle of Protein Base Removable 7 ml;
  • from PLN 200.00 to PLN 299.99 - 2 bottles of Protein Base Removable 7 ml;
  • from PLN 300.00 to PLN 399.99 - 3 bottles of Protein Base Removable 7 ml;
  • from PLN 400.00 to PLN 499.99 - 4 bottles of Protein Base Removable 7 ml;
  • from PLN 500.00 - 5 bottles of Protein Base Removable 7 ml.

b) the value of a one-off order in EURO:

  • from EUR 25.00 to EUR 44.99 - 1 bottle of Protein Base Removable 7 ml;
  • from EUR 45.00 to EUR 69.99 - 2 bottles of Protein Base Removable 7 ml;
  • from EUR 70.00 to EUR 94.99 - 3 bottles of Protein Base Removable 7 ml;
  • from EUR 95.00 to EUR 119.99 - 4 bottles of Protein Base Removable 7 ml;
  • from EUR 120.00 - 5 bottles of Protein Base Removable 7 ml.

c) the value of a one-off order in GPB:

  • from GBP 20.00 to GBP 34.99 - 1 bottle of Protein Base Removable 7 ml;
  • from GBP 40.00 to GBP 54.99 - 2 bottles of Protein Base Removable 7 ml;
  • from GBP 60.00 to GBP 74.99 - 3 bottles of Protein Base Removable 7 ml;
  • from GBP 80.00 to GBP 994.99 - 4 bottles of Protein Base Removable 7 ml;
  • from GBP 100.00 - 5 bottles of Protein Base Removable 7 ml.
  1. The total sale price of the products being the subject of the Offer will be displayed on the proof of sale (receipt/invoice) as a discount divided into each of the products appearing on the proof of sale.
  2. Indigo Nails reserves the right at any time in its sole discretion to cancel, modify or supersede the T&C’s of the offer without notice. The rights acquired by the Participants before the change will be respected. In particular, Indigo Nails reserves the right to shorten the Offer duration or to exclude individual items from the Offer due to being out of stock.

IV. Complaints and Returns

  1. All complaints regarding the Offer shall be submitted via e-mail to or by post to Promoter's head office with reference: ‘#trenujwdomuzIndigo’. Any claims must be received before Special Offer ends and within 14 days of receipt of order.
  2. The complaint should include the following details: name, surname, and their full address, a detailed description and reason for the complaint, as well as a resolution request.
  3. Complaints submitted after the offer ends or not including the information referred to in paragraph 2 will not be considered. The date of posting the complaint is the date on the postage stamp on the package containing the complaint.
  4. Complaints will be considered immediately, however no later than 14 days from the day they are received by the Promoter.
  5. If the provisions of the generally applicable law grant the Participant the right to return, the return of products purchased within the Offer is possible insofar as it constitutes a whole set of new and unused items purchased within the Offer. The return can be made by the customer only in relation to the Promoter within the meaning of item I para. 1 of the Regulations.

V. Data Protection

  1. Personal Data of Participants will be processed by the Promoter.
  2. Personal data collected in connection with the offer will be processed in order to: order processing, accounting as well as pursuing claims and defence against claims arising from the Sales Agreement - based on the Administrator's legitimate legal interest in pursuing claims and defending against claims.
  3. Personal data of Participants may be disclosed to entities supporting the Promoter in the implementation of the Competition, including marketing agencies, courier companies, postal and courier services operators.
  4. In connection with personal data processing by the Promoter, Participants have the following rights:
    1. the right to access personal data and the right to request rectification, deletion, or restrictions on their processing
    2. the right to transfer personal data provided to another data administrator
    3. the right to object to data processing
  5. Participants also have the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection.
  6. Personal data of offer Participants will be stored for the period during which complaints will be possible, and in the case of complaints for the time necessary to consider the complaint.
  7. Providing personal data is voluntary; however, it is required for order completion. Not providing personal data will affect its ability to process the order.

VI. Final provisions

  1. The offer T&Cs are available at each Organizer’s websites.
  2. Processing might be longer if there are several orders during Special Offer.
  3. The Participants of the offer automatically accept T&Cs that apply to this. All Participants of the offer must declare that they have read and accept all T&Cs that apply.