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Acrylic method

Thanks to Indigo acrylic powders your work will be quick and absolutely perfect. We guarantee an unsurpassed adherence to the natural nail plate. Forget about air pockets! They are easy to apply and to form. With Indigo acrylic powders enhancing nails will become easy as one-two-three. In our offer, you can find basic acrylic powders as well as white and cover acrylic powders.

Which basic acrylic powder should you choose?

  • Indigo Fashion Clear is an absolute basis of the acrylic method. With its help, your work will be quick and perfect. Our products adhere to the nail plate like no other. This completely transparent powder is very easy to form, quick to file and resistant to crystallisation. Fine and elastic powder holds very well onto natural nail plate. Indigo Fashion Clear makes creating the perfect shape an easy task since the product spreads well on nail plate, form or a tip. You'll be amazed by how durable are Indigo powders. Clients who will come back for filling overgrown manicure will have a clean nail free of chipping or breakage
  • Indigo Fashion Pink is an acrylic powder in a subtle pink shade. A fine and elastic powder is very easy to apply and file. It adheres well to the natural nail plate. Nails created with Indigo Fashion Pink look fresh and naturally. Clients love it!

Which white acrylic powder is going to be best for a French tip?

  • Indigo Fashion White is a snow white acrylic powder designed for creating a smile line. Very easy to apply and to form. This fine, elastic powder will not crystallise during application. A special formula of Indigo Fashion White will keep the white tip clean and white for as long as the client will wear it.
  • Indigo Competition White is an acrylic powder for advanced stylists in shade of a beautiful pure white. Quick polymerisation cuts down work time. This is why this product is so popular during championships where every minute counts.

Have you picked your favourite camouflage?

  • Indigo Cover No 1 comes in a natural shade of pink with a 90% opacity. It hides imperfections of the natural nail plate and makes it look natural and healthy. The fine powder is elastic and will not crystallise during the application. Very easy to shape and file.
  • Indigo Cover No 2 peachy shade of camouflage with 80% opacity. It gives the nails a very subtle, warm shade. It is Easy to apply and file because the product is elastic. It holds very well to the natural nail plate.
  • Indigo Cover No 3 comes in a subtle pink shade and 80% opacity. It's the most flesh-like shade. The fine powder will not crystallise during application. It adheres well to the natural nail plate. The powder is very fine and elastic and holds well to the natural nail plate. It's easy to file.
  • Indigo Cover No 4 Glamour a pink powder with a shimmer, provides a full coverage. The only cover with a pearly glow. Our proposition for French manicure and wedding designs. Great alternative for clients who love French but like it with a twist.
  • Indigo Cover No 5 Bling Bling is a favourite among women who live to shine and be in a centre of attention. Pink acrylic powder mixed with a multicolour shimmer makes your head spin and draw attention like a magnet. The fine and plastic powder adheres well to the natural plate.
  • Indigo Cover No 6 Natural Chic! a camouflage with a perfect coverage with highlighting properties. A warm shade of pink with an addition of shimmer has been designed by Indigo Instructor from Training Center in Paris- Vlada Bulle. Indigo Cover No 6 is the most popular camouflage in France!
  • Indigo Cover No 7 is a peachy-pink shade with a 100%. The powder is fine, elastic and easy to file. It complements the summer tan beautifully.