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For Manicure


High-quality files and buffers make the nail preparing and forming a quick job. Available in different shapes and grits.

Dust-free wadding swabs

Indigo lint-free pads won't leave fibres in your nail design. They are perfect for removing grease from the nail plate, removing the dispersive layer and cleaning the brushes once the works are done.


Gloves are a foundation for health safety in a cosmetic salon. Indigo nitrile gloves fit perfectly on the hand, they do not cause irritations and are resistant. Available in sizes XS to XL.

Nail forms

Indigo forms are tough and flexible. They'll help you achieve the perfect tunnel which is a cornerstone of a nail enhancing. Forms will create any nail shape and length.

Nail tools and accessories


Sharp and reliable nippers will help you take care of the cuticles quickly with nice clean cuts. Indigo nippers are handy, precise and durable.


Professional scissors for cuticles by Indigo have high-quality blades – precise and at the same time safe for the nail plate. An assortment of lengths means that you can select the best suited for your work.

Nail Drill Bits

Indigo File Bits are well made, durable, easy to use and clean. A broad spectrum of shapes and grits means every stylist form beginner to experienced will find the perfect tool.