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Dry Up Nail Polish Drops

Dry Up Nail Polish Drops

14PLN / 8 ml

Classic nail polish dryer that shortens the time of a classic manicure treatment and extends its durability. The unique formula Dry Up Nail Polish Drops nourishes and moisturizes the skin around the nails.


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product description

Dry Up Nail Polish Drops nail polish dryer properties:

  • shortens the drying time of the nail polish
  • improves its shine
  • extends the durability of classic nail looks
  • refreshes and boosts the colour depth of nail polish
  • creates a smooth layer on the nail polish surface
  • moisturizes the skin around the nails
  • contains sweet almond oil, macadamia oil, vitamin E and Kukui nut oil
  • easy to apply

How to apply Dry Up Nail Polish Drops nail polish dryer:

  • After the treatment with the use of classic nail polish or application of a nail polish top coat, apply a drop of the product on the surface without touching it with a pipette.
  • Avoid applying the product from a height! The force of the drop can damage the styling surface.

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