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Amarantello - UV Mousse Gel

33,80PLN / 4 ml 2+2

Wow yourself with a product created specifically for the intricate decorations you need on your nails. UV Mousse Gel Indigo is a combination of excellent thick consistency with exceptional gloss and strong pigment. After hardening, the mousse won’t leave a dispersion layer, so you don’t have to wipe the ready-made styling. Amarantello is an intense neon raspberry colour – perfect for a hot summer! You can be bold and combine it with other Indigo colours.


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EAN: 5902188504026

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product description   #amarantello

Shake well before using

Combination of Nail Art and Arte Brillante

Consistency of a thick mousse

Strong pigmentation

No dispersive layer

Easy application

Ability to perfect the design

Perfect for structural, raised design, ombre, shading, micropainting and ornaments

For nail effects

Wide colour palette

Ability to mix different shades

Beautiful shine – no need for top coats

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