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Gelastic Glass Pink

219,70PLN / 60 g

Gelastic Glass Pink – a product that will help you reach mastery in the art of nail extension. It sets only after curing, is pleasant to work with, leaves no dust or odour and allows you to create a transparent, slightly pink nail design.


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EAN: 5902188503661

The delivery time includes: time of realization (2 working days) and transport (1 working day in Poland; 3-5 working days in other countries).

Products Indigo Nails are intended only for professional use by certified Nail Stylist. To use products correctly, it is necessary to complete the training.

product description

Gelastic Glass Pink is available in a practical 60 g tube, which is sufficient for about 50 applications.

Colour: slightly pink. Consistency: thick, rubbery. Curing time: 30-90 seconds/Dual LED or 2-3 minutes/UV.

The product is also available in other colour versions: Gelastic Clear, Gelastic Milky, Gelastic Cover.

The main advantages of the Gelastic system:

  • working time reduction
  • a perfectly matched formula
  • full control of operation without the risk flowing down
  • extreme plasticity, making it easier to achieve the desired shape
  • curing at any time
  • precise and convenient application
  • incredible efficiency – up to 50 applications with 1 tube!
  • without bothersome dust and unpleasant odour
  • no pain when curing

* We recommend using a protective mask and a nail dust collector when sawing.


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