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Removable Top Coat, 10 ml

gross price: 16,00 EUR

Looking for a universal top coat? With Removable Top Coat you can finish gel, gel polish and acrylic manicure. Top Indigo works great with Bijou ornaments! To add a beautiful shine to the manicure, wait 30 seconds to allow the top coat cool down after curing. If you won't the wiping will make it cloudy. The most spectacular effect can be achieved with a use of Shea Super Shine Effect!

Benefits of Indigo Removable Top Coat:

  • beautiful shine - enhances the colour depth and makes the manicure look polished,
  • honey-like consistency - easy application, without the risk of spilling on the cuticles,
  • strong - makes the colour last for a long time,
  • universal - for gel polish, gel and acrylic manicure,
  • gentle formula - safe for a natural nail plate.

Curing time:

  • Dual LED - 30 seconds
  • UV Lamp - 2 minutes

Capacity:10 ml
Color:Removable Top Coat
EAN: 5902188527841; Index: KAT02907
Products Indigo Nails are intended only for professional use by certified Nail Stylist. To use products correctly, it is necessary to complete the training.
Other colors:
color: Removable Top Coat color: Removable Base


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