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Zebra Half Moon 100/180

gross price: 1,70 EUR

Zebra Half Moon - 100 / 180 

The shape of the file is loved by stylists because it's very comfortable, ergonomic and cut's down filing to the minimum.

A universal grit of Zebra Half Moon makes it great for both natural and enhanced nails.

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  • buffer 100/180  perfect for mattifying the surface of the nail before gel polish application and for smoothing out any uneven spots.
  • buffer 180/220 - finer buffer for smoothing out the nail after the 100/180 buffer
  • buffer 220/280 - creates a smooth, shiny surface especially on gel and acrylic nails
  • Diamond Shine 400/4000 - an ultra shining buffer, perfect for creating glossy effect on natural and acrylic nails or for Shea butter manicure

EAN: 5902188522648; Index: KAT02382

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