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Indigo Vlada Bulle Acrylic Brush No 9

Indigo Vlada Bulle Acrylic Brush No 9


Oval Brush - confident, long-term comfort of your work


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EAN: 5902188509052

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product description

  • Oval shape
  • Size #9 makes building nails much faster.
  • Not too big so it won't absorb too much monomer
  • The tip that doesn't split is the most important feature of a good nail brush. It's stiff but springy and very precise. It will make all the difference when applying the product in the cuticle area and modelling a smile line. 
  • Tight belly quickly creates the structure of the nail. It doesn't spread and has a stable pressure point. 
  • This brush won't turn the French tip yellow.

"For the last five years, I've been training at least 25 students each week in my Training Centre Indigo Paris. Knowledge and experience have taught me all I need to know about brushes for an acrylic method. It's the one that doesn't lose its qualities after months of work and feels the same way as the new one. The one which I can use every single day and which I can recommend to my students and see that it has improved their work. Vlada Bulle Brush, designed by me, will provide long-lasting comfort at work. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced stylist, this brush will make your work a lot easier." 

"Je vousrecommande de tout mon coeur!"
Vlada Bulle Indigo Nails France

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