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Mama No Drama - Gel Polish by Natalia Siwiec, 5 ml

gross price: 8,00 EUR

Do you feel like wearing a spectacular gel polish manicure? Mama No Drama is a beautiful, intense shade of warm pink. It brings thoughts of fresh flowers and draws attention like a magnet! Put a strong accent on nails!  Wear it with muted colours or mix it with vibrant shades. Stand out!

Benefits of gel polish Mama No Drama:

  • high concentration of pigments create a unique shade,
  • amazing coverage - the first coat creates a satisfactory effect,
  • semi-thick consistency - no streaks or spilling on the cuticles,
  • no chipping, breaking or lifting, it also stays on the free edge,
  • durable, resistant to damage - pristine manicure that lasts,
  • formaldehyde free,
  • safe for sensitive skin.

Curing time

  • LED lamp - 30 seconds
  • UV lamp - 2 minutes

* The various changes to the monitor settings the colour of gel polish presented on the photos might be slightly different than in reality.

Capacity:5 ml
EAN: 5902188537130; Index: KAT03880
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