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Cuticle pusher with a blade II

gross price: 6,00 EUR

Neat cuticles are a base for any good manicure! With the Indigo cuticle pusher, there is no chance of mistakes! A precise blade will help you clean the cuticle area after it was prepared with e-file. This tool, like no other, will make sure that the cuticles are perfectly filed. Indigo Cuticle pusher with a blade is a necessary tool for a combined manicure! With its help, you can remove the gel polish in no time. Engraved handle provides a stable grip, comfort and safe work.

This version of Indigo has a more narrow blade and smaller handle in comparison with the previous model. The tool is made out of high-quality stainless steel.

The most common mistakes that can lead to rusty tools:

- the wrong sterilising process or disinfecting the tools in a wrong way 

- soaking the tools in disinfecting solution for too long

- using the wrong disinfecting or cleaning solutions

- the wrong concentration of disinfecting and cleaning solutions

- using "freshly" prepared disinfecting solutions for a couple of times

- wrong time of sterilisation

- using tap water in the autoclave

- dirty water in the autoclave

- storing tools in a wrong way

To ensure a maximum safety while creating traditional or gel polish manicure a stylist should go through a professional technical training in manicure

EAN: 5902188535822; Index: KAT03758

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