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Mermaid Effect® Black II

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Mermaid Effect ®  Black II

The bestselling Indigo effect dust in completely new version! The Mermaid Effect ® Black creates an iridescent glow on the nail and adds depth of the Aurora Borealis by creating blue and green colour shift on a black base colour. All it takes is a couple of seconds for the magic to happen.


  • create a classic gel polish manicure, gel polish ombre or cover the enhanced nail with one of the shades of Indigo Gel Polish.
  • after curing it in the lamp the second coat of gel polish rub the dust into the dispersive layer for a couple of seconds with a finger or an applicator. 
  • excess product should be removed with a soft brush.
  • apply the gel polish top like Dry Top Super Shine, remember to coat the free edge of the nail.
  • cure it in a lamp.


  • You can't rub The Mermaid Effect into the dispersive layer.                                                                                      The chosen gel polish produces a dispersive layer that's too weak or it had been cured for too long.
  • During the application of top coat, the effect starts to peel, roll and get into the top coat.                                  The gel polish hasn't been cured properly or the layer of the effect is too thick.
  • The effect looks patchy.  The amount of the effect on the nail is too small. 
  • The effect gets rubbed off on the edges. The free edge of the nail hasn't been properly protected with a top coat.
  • The layer of effect peels off in a patchy pattern? One of the layers of gel polish or the base coat hasn't been properly cured in the lamp.

The base of a durable gel manicure with Mermaid Effect is to use recommended Indigo manicure products and going through professional technical training in Indigo gel polish manicure.

EAN: 5902188535686; Index: KAT03744

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