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  • Mermaid Effect Neon Yellow
  • Mermaid Effect Neon Yellow

Mermaid Effect Neon Yellow

2,80eur / 2.5 g

Do you dream about summer look on your nails? Mermaid Effect Neon Yellow will help you create it in just a few minutes! Delicate dust will sparkle on your nails in shades of yellow and gold creating a spectacular, sunny glow. This is an essence of summer and amazing way to lift your mood! And what's the best part? How easy it is to create two different effects. Do you prefer subtle or more spectacular nail design? No matter what you'll choose to remember that neon The Mermaid Effect should be applied on a  gel polish in a similar shade (like Neon Yellow Gel Polish)- this way the colour will become even more vibrant and deep!


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The delivery time includes: time of realization (48h*) and transport (24-48h in Poland; 3-5 days in other countries). *The order is processed and delivered on working days.

Products Indigo Nails are intended only for professional use by certified Nail Stylist. To use products correctly, it is necessary to complete the training.

product description



  • create a classic gel polish manicure, gel polish ombre or paint the enhanced nails with one of Indigo gel polishes;
  • after applying the second layer of gel polish, sprinkle the entire nail or a part of it with Mermaid (twice, until dust perfectly covers colour) and cure it in the lamp;
  • remove the excess product with a soft brush.


  • create a classic gel polish manicure, gel polish ombre or paint the enhanced nails with one of Indigo gel polishes;
  • after curing the second layer of colour gel polish rub the Mermaid effect into the dispersive layer;
  • remove the excess dust with a soft brush;
  • apply one of the gel polish top coats like Dry Top Super Shine, remember to protect the free edge of the nail;
  • cure it in the lamp.


  • The Mermaid Effect will not rub on the surface?                          - The chosen Gel Polish has a too delicate dispersion layer or the curing time was too long.
  • During the application of the effect, it start's to peel, roll and stain the top?                                                                                          - The gel polish has been cured in the wrong way or the layer of the effect is too thick.
  • The layer of the effect is uneven?                                                 - The layer of the effect is too thin.
  • The Mermaid effect gets rubbed off the free edge?                      - The edges of the nail have not been protected with top coat.
  • The effect peels off in flakes.                                                      - - One of the coats of gel polish or base was not enough cured.

To ensure the maximum durability of gel polish manicure with Mermaid Effect use recommended Indigo products for gel polish manicure and finish professional, technical Indigo training in gel polish manicure.