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Holo Manix Effect

gross price: 9,90 EUR

Do you want to create a spectacular mirror effect on your nails? Amazing Holo Manix Effect will make your dreams come true with a smooth, rainbow mirror on your nails! Create an amazing unicorn nails in a matter of seconds! All you need to do is rub the Holo Manix into nail surface with an applicator and a holographic surface will emerge that will put you in the centre of attention!


- create a classic gel polish, gel or acrylic manicure;

- after curing in the lamp a top coat without dispersion (like Dry Top for gel polish manicure, Shine On! in case of gel) rub the dust into the surface of the nail with an applicator for a few seconds;

- remove excess with a soft brush

- apply a top coat and remember to protect the free edge of the nail;

- cure it in a lamp.


  • The holo effect won't rub onto the nails.
    • A chosen gel polish creates a weak dispersive layer or was being cured in the lamp for too long.
  • While applying a top coat the Holo particles rolls and bleeds into top coat;
    • The gel polish is not cured enough or the layer of the effect is too thick; excess product wasn't removed with a brush. 
  • The effect created patchy layer;
    • The amount of the effect dust was too small and/or the dispersive layer was damaged.
  • Holo effect gets rubbed off the edges of the nail;
    •  The free edge of the nail wasn't properly protected with top coat. 
  • The particles "flake off" the nail.
    • One coat of gel polish or base coat is not cured enough. 

The only way to ensure long-lasting manicure with Holo effect is to use recommended products by Indigo and finishing a professional technical training in Indigo Gel Polish manicure.

Weight:0,5 g
EAN: 5902188533231; Index: KAT03429

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