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Protein Base Removable

gross price: 15,00 EUR

THE BEST PRODUCT OF 2016 - Protein Base was given a BEAUTY AWARD in category "Products for nail styling"

Protein Base Removable - life-changing discovery in the field of weak and broken nails.

  • Our Base is full of proteins which nurture and toughen your nail plate. It starts to protect our nails right after curing time. Brings back healthy look and shine.
  • Gentle formula protects natural nail plate. The base works as a  protection for damaged nail plate against external factors and mechanical injuries.
  • Do you want to create a lasting manicure on a soft, flexible nails? Protein base gives the nails some structure and makes them harder and resistant to breakage.
  • Unique properties of Protein Base will help you extend nail bed, rebuild a damaged nail plate, create a C Curve and smooth out uneven nail plate. The consistency of Protein Base makes it incredibly easy to apply. 
  • Moreover, this base dissolves completely in Lanoline Remover.
  • A thick consistency allows you to enhance the nail up to 3mm.

Beautiful and healthy nail plate is every woman's dream. It can become the reality thanks to Indigo Protein Base!

How to use Protein Base?

You can use it just like typical gel polish base. The first layer should be thin but the second one thick enough to build a nail and C-curve.

Forget about short and fragile nails - say hello to long, beautiful and neat nails! 

The Protein Base will create a great duo with Dry Top Super Shine - a top coat that gives a Gel Polish manicure an amazing shine without a dispersive layer.

To make your manicure extra durable:

- prepare the nails - first with a buffer 100/180 than Cleaner, Free Acid Primer or Acid Primer if the nail plate is problematic.

- apply a thin coat of Protein base, after curing it add a second, thicker coat ( build a C Curve) and after curing it wipe with Cleaner. Then gently matt the surface of the nail with a buffer or a very fine nail file. 

- to apply the colour evenly remove the dispersive layer with a traditional Cleaner and even out the surface with buffer 100/180

- time to apply two coats of a chosen colour

- finally, apply Dry Top, one thin coat will make your nails shine beautifully without wiping them with Cleaner Super Shine


Capacity:10 ml
EAN: 5902188527704; Index: KAT02895
Other colors:
color: Removable Top Coat color: Removable Base


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