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Nail Polish Set Glitter

Nail Polish Set Glitter


Nail Polish Set Glitter

product description

Feel like a real star and entrance everyone with your glittery nails.  This nail set will make your nails shine like a jewellery. Pick your favourite colour :

  • multicolour sparkly Venice Carnival
  • insane gold Million Dollar Baby
  • sandy-gold Gold Confetti
  • deep Twelve o'clock
  • silver and delicate Silver Princess

Each one will make you feel special and your nails will sparkle with beautiful glitter!

Discover other unique colours from our broad range of nail polish in shades of:

Amaranth - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Like a Princess, Pink a Colada, Pink Heaven, Pink UpPinky Delight, Tutti Frutti

Purple - African FioletBlueberry JuiceBoa Seducer, Campanula Purple, Fig, GrapevineI'm IndigoJungle Indigo, Lavender, Lilla Sky, Lily, Lola

Muted tones: Casablanca, Chic NudeCinderella, Classic Mocha, Copacabana, Cud Malina, Elegance, Elizabeth's Dream, English Rose, Fancy Nancy, Fuchsia, Madame, Milkshake, Paradox

Nudes and gentle pinks: Apricot, Arabella, Candy Girl, Capri, Summer JoyCuttie, Little Pink, Cinderella, Peach Tulip, Prima Ballerina

Pastels -  Baby Blue, Be Cool, Ciao Bella, Happy, Oops, Top Secret, Fly High, I'm The Boss

Neon2owych - Neon Blue, Neon Pink, Neon Red

Reds - Bad Red, Baywatch, Classy, Pomodoro Rosso, Parlez-vous-francais, Romeo&Juliet, Cranberry, Goji Berries, Grapefruit, Hot Strawberry, Out Of Control, Raspberry Girl, Red Carpet, Red Delicious

Greens - Amazonia,  Electric Iced TeaGreen Peace, Jungle Trip, Kiwi, Mint&Soda, Palm Beach, Paradise Beach, Pastel Mint, Pistachio, Sea Breeze, Summer Mint

Blues-  Adriatic, Blue Bamboo, Astronauta, Aquamarine, Daydreamer, It's a Boy, Mariner Blue, Midnight Ocean, November Rain, Sky Bar, Sky Is The Limit, Summer Sky,

Sparkling - Champagne, Harlequin, J'adore

Darker tones - Cherry Brownie, Cherry Pie, Deep Purple, Share My Chamber

Grey - Fat Cat, London Bridge, Tough Cookie, Incognito

and glittery- Gold Confetti, Milion Dollar Baby, Twelve O'Clock, Silver Princess, Moonlight Silver



Great pigmentation

Beautiful colours

Works well with natural nail plate

Creamy consistency

No chipping

Fast drying

Glossy finish


check it out!

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